Nissan Premium Warranty

Nissan offers Nissan Premium Warranty, an extended warranty program that provides customers a peace of mind and the ability to choose the coverage plan according to lifestyle and needs. Starting price at only 2,500 baht with the benefits of 24-hour roadside assistance. The Nissan Premium Warranty Program from Nissan is managed by AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and underwritten by Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Pcl. (“Allianz Ayudhya”)  

Program Benefits

  • Start continuous protection immediately after the new car warranty expires*
  • Covers a list of up to 17 parts, close to the new car warranty (subject to coverage plan)
  • Unlimited number of times and can claim up to the car price at the date of purchase (Sum Assured).
  • Safe in every journey with 24-hour roadside assistance service. For more details, visit
  • Increase the value of the car when it is resold. The program continues even after changing the owner's name

Note: Warranty and coverage terms and conditions are subject to the terms of Allianz Ayudhya insurance policies which is the insurer

Program terms and conditions

  • Applicable to the vehicles that the warranty from the manufacturer has started for not more than 7 months or the mileage does not exceed 10,000 km. (whichever comes first).
  • The vehicle must be maintained by Nissan service centers nationwide at a standard periodic check every 6 months or 10,000 km (every 6 months or 7,000 km for New Almera model) or whichever comes first.
  • Applicable to only personal use, and no modifications beyond manufacturer's standards.
  • Not applicable to vehicles used for racing purposes or as a race car, a taxi, a vehicle used for the driving test of a driving school, a rental car, or a public transportation car.
  • All supporting documents must be accurate and complete.

Exclusions of the program

A. This warranty does not cover

1. Mechanical and electrical defects or any expenses covered by warranties or other privileges, including the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

2. Any mechanical defect as a result of not bringing the car for a maintenance service properly regularly and within the specified period of time that appears in the warranty and maintenance book of the car manufacturer.

3. Any repairs required for damages resulting from the use of the vehicle after any defect or malfunction has occurred to the Vehicle. (Including the shortage of lubricants and water-cooling system).

4. Damage due to road accidents.

5. Towing and other expenses that occurred in the transportation of picking up and returning cars to the authorized dealers location, waste of time, inconvenience, commercial damages or any direct or indirect damages cost, including damage or liability for delay or withholding or related to performance or efficiency, damage or liability arising from a defect in the mechanism (including personal liability).

6. Any claim that has not been notified before the repair has commenced or in the case of repairs that have not been approved by Allianz Ayudhya.

7. Mechanical defects that occur on the coverage parts which are the result of damages to the uncovered parts or ongoing damages to uncovered parts as a result of defects in the coverage parts.

8. Any claim that mechanical defects are caused by improper use of the vehicle

9. Any direct or indirect loss caused by the intention of the owner.

10. Any claim as a consequence of not following the instructions provided in the manual of the vehicle manufacturer. (specified in the vehicle manual) or other electrical mechanical defects caused by overloading the vehicle.

11. Expenses incurred by the letter to return the car to solve the problems or campaigns from car manufacturers (Recall Program)

12. Any claim of compensation of mechanical damages incurred to coverage parts as a result of repair work of another person who is not an authorized dealer.

13. Any list of spare parts that require periodic replacement in standard periodic maintenance, such as air filters, oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and washer hose, engine mounts. This includes spark plugs, belts, rubber hoses, metal hoses, brake pads, wipers, friction materials, clutch disc, exhaust system (exhaust manifold), catalytic, converter, battery, lamps, tires, paintwork, vehicle bodies and components, glass parts, radio antennas, telephone systems, soft roofs and mechanisms, trims or exterior and interior accessories, suspension bush, shock absorber, screw, bolt, nut, , washer, wheel bearing, alloy wheel.

14. Any maintenance or adjustments, modifications necessary to the coverage parts.

15. Mechanical defects due to the use of other types of fuels that are not recommended or not approved by the manufacturer.

16. The cost of testing and replacing parts that required by the government.

17. Any damage to the vehicle due to oxidation, corrosion, rust or other deterioration in performance.

18. Any damage caused by the use of the wrong type of fuel or the presence of contaminants in the fuel including other lubricants.

19. Any damage caused to the outer surface of the engine parts such as cylinder blocks, transmission housings, rear axle housing, etc., except in the case of mechanical or electrical defects.

20. Any undamaged parts but changed when repairing the coverage parts

21. Any expenses incurred as a result of a fault from the repairer's ability or the misuse of materials during the repair.

22. Direct or indirect damage caused by collision, overturning, external object collapse, falling objects from the air while the car is parked or running, pressure waves generated by aircraft or other sonic or supersonic waves.

23. Any costs related to noise and vibration due to wear of parts.


B. This warranty is terminated, and the claim cannot be exercised when the vehicle

1. Have been modified deviating from the standards set by the car manufacturer.

2. Have been used in various car races, off-road use unless the vehicle is specifically designed for that purpose. Used for short-term rentals to use as taxis. or being rented a car used at a driving school or is used for commercial.

3. Used for public service (e.g. police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles, military vehicles, etc.).

4. Used outside the Kingdom of Thailand

5. It is not produced or imported into the Kingdom of Thailand by a car manufacturer.

6. Use outside of the intended design.

7. Do not bring the car for periodic maintenance service properly regularly and within the specified time period as shown in the car manufacturer's warranty and maintenance book.

8. The vehicle's odometer numbers are malfunctioning, inaccurate, tampered with, not working or removed from the vehicle.

9. Being in a state of being unable to drive or not being registered.


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