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Nissan's 24-hour roadside assistance service for in-warranty cars is available on all routes covering all provinces throughout Thailand. We are ready to provide advice or fix any problems that make your car travel unsafe or unable to continue your journey. You can simply call for assistance immediately at 02 305 8432. Nissan's 24-hour roadside assistance specialists are available to assist you whenever you need it.

Professional service

The 24-hour roadside assistance service specialists can provide advice in both Thai and English, with fully computerized systems including a digital map covering all provinces in Thailand, enabling them to pinpoint your location quickly and accurately. In addition, the specialists and a team of technicians are ready to assist you and answer any questions. In the event that the problem can be solved at the breakdown location, a team of technicians will be sent to solve such problems, such as battery problems, running out of fuel, flat tires or mistakenly locked vehicles. If the problem cannot be solved at the breakdown location, a towing truck will be sent to bring your car to the nearest Nissan service center.


Conditions and exclusions of roadside assistance service

Medical Assistance Exclusions

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