24 hours road assistance

Extended privilege for 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

The activated roadside assistance program will let Nissan customers, including those with an out-of-warranty vehicle, enjoy ongoing complementary 24-hour roadside assistance if they take their vehicle for a periodic checkup and maintenance at any Nissan service center nationwide every six months. Nissan is the first automotive company in Thailand to offer this service to its valued customers. Current customers within the first 3 years of ownership of the new vehicle or within the first 10,000-kilometers driven (whichever comes first) will automatically receive roadside assistance service.  Although we don’t really expect you to encounter any vehicle problems, it is sometimes possible for your driving enjoyment to be interrupted by an unforeseen mishap. If this happens, it is our aim to make sure that help is quickly on hand to help you and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Nissan Roadside Assistance provides help when you need it most.

Throughout Thailand

Nissan Roadside Assistance is available nationwide. Should you encounter any problem that makes your vehicle either unable or unsafe for you to continue your journey, then simply call the Nissan Roadside Assistance Centre and help will be quickly made available.

How to request assistance

Simply call 24hr Nissan Roadside Assistance at 02 305 8432, where experienced Roadside Assistance Coordinators are standing by to take your call.

Professional Service

Roadside Assistance Coordinators in the 24hr Call Centre are fluent in Thai and English. They have at their disposal a fully computerised system that includes digital mapping covering all provinces in Thailand, enabling them to quickly and accurately pinpoint your location. They will assist you with straightforward problems, but will quickly involve a Technician to help with diagnosis if the cause of the breakdown is unclear. If the problem is something that can be resolved at the roadside, a Mobile Technician will be sent to assist you. This includes problems such as flat batteries, running out of petrol, punctures and keys being locked in the car. Generally, if the problem is more serious than this, a tow truck will be sent to recover your vehicle.

Service Benefits

Nissan Roadside Assistance includes the following benefits:

  • An unlimited number of Emergency Roadside Services per year
  • An unlimited number of towing services per year
  • Free towing to the “nearest” Nissan Authorized Dealer or if you prefer towing to any alternative destination, free towing up to a distance of 20km, the cost of additional distance will be charged at 25 Baht per km. (Nissan Electronic Vehicle (EV) - free towing to the nearest Nissan EV Authorized Dealer within the distance of 20km, the cost of additional distance will be charged at 25 Baht per km.)
  • For long distance towing (in excess of 50 kilometres), the Roadside Assistance Centre will offer a fixed price, based on a lower per kilometre charge, and agree this with you prior to authorising the towing.
  • 24 hour access to free technical advice in the event of an accident or breakdown
  • “Mistakenly Locked” vehicles – If you have a spare key and the key is at a location within 15km, then we can arrange for collection and delivery of the key to the breakdown location. For distances beyond 15 km. a charge of 25 Baht per km will apply. We can also arrange for a locksmith to attend the breakdown, however the cost of a locksmith’s service is not covered under the assistance program and you shall be responsible for any costs incurred.
  • Up to 10 liters of free fuel in the event that your vehicle is immobilized due to run out of fuel. Please note that this benefit can only be used one time per annum per vehicle. On subsequent occasions within the same 12 month period, service will be provide, but the cost of fuel shall be your responsibility. (In the event that your vehicle is immobilized due to run out of electric, towing service will be provided, but the cost of towing shall be your responsibility.)\
  • Arrangement of replacement vehicle (car rental), in the event that your vehicle is towed away from the breakdown location. You shall be responsible for any costs incurred from the arrangement of replacement vehicle.
  • When the customer is travelling more than 100km away from their home or usual place of residence and the vehicle is recovered from the breakdown to the nearest Nissan Authorized Dealer, and the vehicle cannot be fixed within 24 hour. The customer can choose for the alternative following benefits:-

a) Up to 2 night’s accommodation for 2 passengers, with a maximum budget of THB 1,000 per person per night. Please note that coverage is for room tariff’s only and that any additional expenses such as food, beverages, telephone charges, etc. are the responsibility of the customer; or

b) Car rental up to 2 days with a maximum budget of THB 1,000 per day (except Nissan Service Activated Roadside Assistance program)

*Any costs or expenses not covered by the program as mention above shall be responsible by the member.

Emergency Medical Assistance* (In the event of an accident)

You will entitle for the emergency medical assistance whenever you travel 150km away from your place of residence, not exceeding 90 days per trip within Thailand. The program includes following benefits:

  • 24hr. Telephone Medical Advice.
  • Medical Service Provider Referral.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation from hospital to the nearest suitable hospital when you are in serious medical condition. (Nissan Roadside Assistance’s Doctor retains the absolute right to decide whether the User’s medical condition is sufficiently serious to warrant emergency medical condition and right to decide the place to which the place to which the User shall be evacuated and the means or method by which such evacuation will be carried out having regard to all assessed facts and circumstance of which we are aware at the relevant time).
  • Medical Repatriation after having the medical evacuation
  • Return of your dependents when having the same trips.


*The Emergency Medical Assistance is covered only geographical area of Thailand and only provides to the Vehicle’s owner and his/her dependents (dependents refer to Spouse and Dependent Children aged under 18 years) as declared to Nissan Roadside Assistance with maximum of 5 persons and travelling within the same trip.

*Medical Evacuation/Repatriation is maximum coverage of Baht 1,000,000 per event and referred to the medical assistance exclusions listed.

Our Commitment to you

Our commitment is to provide you with quality service for the life of your vehicle. We are sure that you will enjoy the experience of driving a Nissan vehicle, but if you ever encounter a problem and need our help, then one phone call is all it takes to organize fast and professional help.

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