Up for every heavy duty challenges

Ready for any heavy duty challenges and achieve your goals faster with the New NISSAN NAVARA KING CAB's loading capacity enforced with the power from the word-class full mono-frame steel chassis. Let you carry your cargo to the maximum capacity, allowing more loads per trip.


Smart rear view camera

Increased visibility for a boost of confidence upon driving in reverse.


Connect your smartphone to your car

Connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*, run apps from your smartphones via the monitor screen and stereo in the car, access the Navigation System and Voice Recognition with just a touch of your fingertips.
*Only for compatible smartphones.

Zero Gravity front seats

To ensure comfort throughout your journey no matter how far. Sit and relax in your most comfortable position with the Zero Gravity front seats. Comes with a well-suited and distinctive interior design.

A/C vent for backseat passengers

Provides a quick distribution of cool air around the cabin for an increased comfort for your whole family.

Intelligent key with the Push Start function

Controls your car easily with your fingertip.

Bluetooth audio system

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NISSAN NAVARA KING CAB  2.5L diesel engine, 163 horsepower

Discover a whole new level of the New NISSAN NAVARA KING CAB

Safety technology
360° Safety Shield
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