New Nissan Terra’s luxury Beige and Burgundy Black two-tone interiors.

Nissan Interior Specialist, Lugiana Pazarudin

BANGKOK, Thailand (21 October 2021) – Car interiors are an essential part of your vehicle looking and feeling high-end, comfortable and brand new. As the New Nissan Terra features two new luxury interior options, Beige and two-toned Burgundy/black combinations, owners want to know how to clean and maintain them to keep their look and elegance. So Nissan’s Interior and Seat Specialist, Mr. Lugiana Pazarudin, who has seven years specializing in car Interiors, shares his expert tips:

1. Weekly Wipe down

“If you use your car regularly, a good habit is to wipe the leather seats down every week, with a damp soft towel or microfiber cloth,” shares Lugiana.

He says this will take just a few minutes, but will help remove any dust or residue, and keep the leather hydrated and looking new. For microfiber cloth selection, he recommends a blend of polyester and polyamide 70/30, The thickness makes it ideal for wiping paint, glass, plastic, and leather 1. Additionally, these microfiber cloths are recommended for dusting the dashboard and center console of your car. Because of their design, they prevent dirt from escaping, do not scratch the surfaces in your car, and are lint-free.

2. Get the right tools

“To give your leather seats and panels a deep clean, it is important to use a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth. The reason is these will clean the leather well, but won’t harm the material.” Lugiana advises a tip to tell if the brush is soft enough is if you brush your hand; it should feel soft and not irritating. And you should not get redness on your hand afterwards. He says a good choice is a brush with horsehair bristles, because its known for its softness, durability, and great cleaning properties 2. He also says if your car seats are beautiful Beige like the new Terra, get microfiber cloths in lighter colors like white or cream, to safeguard any dye transferring to the leather.


3. Invest in professional cleaning products.

Every six months or so, depending on usage, car owners can either visit a car wash service that specializes in luxury interiors and uses professional cleaning products for the car’s materials. Or people can also buy specialized upholstery cleaners that are created to remove stains, discoloration, and help keep the seat’s shape. As a bonus, they leave a great scent in the car! Three key qualities to look for when buying cleaning products are UV protection, as UV rays are responsible for a lot of wear and tear in the car interior, dust repellent and high-quality finish so it won’t leave any marks after cleaning. 3

“Spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth first , then wipe the seats evenly and make sure you take the cleaner into the creases of the seats, and any places where skin or hair habitually comes into contact with the leather.” If your car has details on the seat, like the Japanese-inspired patterns on Terra’s seats, he advises to use a smaller brush.

“It’s important to follow the cleaning product instructions carefully. And always ask at the car wash what products they use. Finally, when buying a car, a good idea is to ask your local dealer to advise products and care instructions for you.”

4. Condition the car:

Upholstery conditioner products add shine and keep the beauty of the car seats after cleaning them.

“I always suggest – put the product on your microfiber cloth, not directly on the seats. This will help evenly distribute the product. Then allow to dry for ten minutes so it sets well.”

5. Clean Screen

To clean your Terra’s large 9” touch screen, use a dry, soft cloth. If additional cleaning is necessary, use a small amount of neutral detergent, like a gentle soap, with a soft cloth. Never spray the screen with water or detergent. Dampen the cloth first, then wipe the screen.


6. Protect!

Finally, Nissan’s Seat specialist advises that the best time to start looking after your car’s interiors is when it’s new, so you can keep them looking that way for years. Also, regular cleaning, maintaining and protection is the key.

“A tip is I always suggest keeping some canvas or waterproof material in the back of the car. So, if you have pets, or you will carry sports or camping gear, you can always directly cover the seats to keep them pristine. Keeping your luxury car interiors beautiful can be easy and very rewarding if you have regular action, and the right tools.”


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