BANGKOK, THAILAND (17 March 2023) - Nissan announced a special promotion for the upcoming Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 starting with a 0% interest rate and a maximum 84 months installment period and many more. The promotion, running from today until 30 April 2023, is designed to attract more customers who look for Nissan’s high-quality vehicles and enjoy enhanced driving and travel experience. The show will take place at the IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

Nissan will also bring to Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 its full range of vehicles namely the Nissan Navara which is Nissan’s all-time pickup truck with durability in its DNA, Nissan Kicks e-Power which is the only B-SUV model in the market that is powered by a 100% electric motor and Nissan Almera which is one of the best-selling Nissan cars in the past 10 years offering impressive 1.0-liter turbo engine power, fuel efficiency, safety, and connectivity. Also showcased at the event are Nissan Terra Sport version, the newly launched premium family SUV with stylish black accessories, a powerful engine, and a comprehensive suite of comfort and safety features, which is set to create pleasure for all family members, more than you ever need in SUV.

Nissan is offering the following promotion package: 

  • Nissan Almera: with a 1.0-liter turbo engine that delivers exceptional power and fuel efficiency. It also offers advanced safety technologies and outstanding connectivity, providing both driving performance and convenience. The Almera also features a spacious and comfortable cabin along with these impressive features, the vehicle comes with special offers, making it a compelling choice for car buyers.
    • EL and V grade: Installments starting at 6,099 with free first-class insurance, Nissan Premium Protection for 1 year, or a special interest rate of 0% (25% down payment, 48-month installments).
    • VL, VL SPORTECH, and SPORTECH-X grade: Up to 3 special offers, including 0% special interest or selecting a special interest rate of 0.99% (25% down payment, 48-month installments) plus free first-class insurance, Nissan Premium Protection for 1 year, along with the second special offer, which is Free 5-year/70,000-kilometer maintenance fee and a special third offer for the VL SPORTECH is free SPORTECH PREMIUM PACKAGE accessory set.
  • Nissan Terra: Nissan added "TERRA SPORT" to its premium family SUV line, enriching all members of the modern family by choice with a sportier design and stylish black accessory package. Nissan TERRA SPORT offers "more than you ever need in SUV" with Nissan's advanced 360° Safety Shield that assures drivers and passengers of full protection and safety while BOSE premium audio system with eight high-quality speakers keeps all passengers happy and enjoyable in any journey they take.
    • Customers will receive free 1-year first-class insurance Nissan Premium Protection and a 90-day free drive.
    • E Grade: low down payment starting at 59,950 baht, free 1-year Nissan Premium Protection first-class insurance
    • VL model, VL 4WD, and VL 4WD SPORT: the special interest rate of 1.79%, free first-class insurance, Nissan Premium Protection for 1 year, and free special accessories.
    • All models receive special offers from the Nissan Premium Warranty Extension Program, Free Roadside Service Assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance (5 years or 150,000 kilometers), and 90 days of free driving.
  • Nissan KICKS e-Power: the unique, compact SUV that offers New Excitement on the Road. It provides a new and exciting driving experience to users by being the only B-SUV in the market powered by an electric motor utilizing Nissan's proprietary e-POWER technology. This technology allows drivers to enjoy a driving experience similar to a 100% electric car without having to change their driving habits or worry about finding charging stations. The Nissan Kicks e-Power features an electric motor drive system that provides a maximum torque of 280 Newton meters (Nm) with instant acceleration and response. The e-Pedal Step makes driving easy and smoother with a single accelerator pedal. It is suitable for driving in a city with heavy traffic, as well as on winding paths, and boasts an impressive fuel economy of 26.3 kilometers per liter in city use and an average of 23.8 kilometers per liter in all driving modes. The Kicks e-Power also comes with a range of intelligent safety technologies, ensuring drivers have complete confidence on the road. For those seeking a more premium and sporty experience, the AUTECH edition adds a sleeker and more agile appearance. Along with these exceptional features, the Kicks e-Power comes with special offers that make it a compelling option for car buyers.
    • Free 1-year Nissan Premium Protection first-class insurance, Nissan Premium Warranty Extension Program, 24-hour Roadside Assistance, (5 years or 150,000 km.), and free 5-year/ 100,000 kilometers
    • For V, VL, AUTECH, 70th Anniversary edition, free stylish package, and special for AUTECH grade, free roof spoiler.
  • Nissan Navara: Nissan Navara, with its Durable Spirit in Every Generation, is a pick-up truck that has been trusted by customers for over 70 years. It boasts a modern design, with a spacious and comfortable cabin, and delivers impressive performance while providing excellent fuel economy. The YS23DDTT 4-cylinder DOHC twin-turbo engine, with a capacity of 2.3 liters, produces a maximum power of 190 hp (Ps) and a maximum torque of 450 Newton meters (Nm). It features a 7-speed automatic transmission, allowing the driver to select the normal driving mode (M mode) for an enjoyable and controlled driving experience. All Nissan pickups feature the renowned fully boxed frame, which provides exceptional support for heavy loads and plenty of cargo space. The Navara is also equipped with advanced safety technology to ensure maximum safety for all passengers:
    • Single Cab - installments starting at 6,299 baht (25% down payment, 84-month installment) or down payment starting at 29,750 baht
    • King Cab - installments starting at 6,699 baht (down payment 25%, 84-month installment), King Cab Calibre: installment starting at 7,599 baht (30% down payment, 84-month installment) King Cab Calibre Black Edition: special interest starting at 0% (25% down payment for 48 months) or 5% down payment for up to 84 months with free Nissan Premium Warranty extension program
    • Double Cab Calibre and Double Cab Calibre Black Edition - a special 0.19% interest rate Double Cab PRO-2X 7AT and D/Cab PRO-4x 7AT: a special 0.69% interest rate Nissan's 70th-anniversary special edition in Thailand: Special interest rate of 0% (30% down payment for 48 months) or 5% down payment for up to 84 months, free Nissan Premium Warranty extension program
    • All models of Navara also add peace of mind with a free 5-year/100,000-kilometer service fee, 1-year Nissan Premium Protection first-class insurance, and 90 days of free driving, along with special offers for specific models.

Customers can contact Nissan dealerships and showrooms in 77 provinces throughout the country or contact Nissan Call Center at Tel. 02 401 9600 or visit the Nissan Thailand website at

* Conditions are as specified by the company.


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