Nissan Japan Mobility Show electric-vehicle

YOKOHAMA, Japan – In anticipation of the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo later this month, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced its plans to excite visitors with an array of concept cars symbolizing the future of electrified mobility in a newly designed interactive booth set-up.

Nissan’s vision for the show embodies the company’s unwavering dedication to enriching people’s lives and to revolutionizing the electric-vehicle (EV) landscape with transformative products and technologies. This vision will take form at the Nissan booth, which has been designed to excite visitors through an experience that melds the physical and virtual to take them through Nissan’s key electrified technologies and initiatives.

Nissan will also reveal a series of EV concepts one by one* in digital form leading up to the show’s press day on October 25. These exciting concepts represents Nissan’s aim to empower journeys and society and is designed to meet the shifting demands of the environment, society today and generations to come.

Nissan is applying its EV expertise to achieve a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world. Each concept is targeted at a distinct demographic and designed with custom-tailored features that add value to each user’s unique lifestyle and needs. By reducing carbon footprint, the concepts help customers make a positive impact on the planet without compromising on style or fun.

Nissan booth at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

The Nissan booth has been designed to generate vibrant experiences through emotional visualization, facilitate interactive co-creation and seamlessly meld the physical and the digital, now and the future. Visitors can experience interactive presentations, an e-4ORCE all-wheel-control driving simulator, and taking a selfie with the excitement of Formula-E-like acceleration.

In addition to the series of all-electric concept vehicles, the booth will also showcase a number of 90th anniversary special edition production models featuring front grilles and door mirrors accented with copper, as well as special aluminum wheels and seat materials.


Booth display models

  EV concept vehicle series (to be announced separately)
  Nissan Ariya
  Nissan Leaf 90th Anniversary
  Nissan Sakura 90th Anniversary
  X-Trail 90th Anniversary
  Serena 90th Anniversary
  Kicks 90th Anniversary
  Aura 90th Anniversary
  NISSAN GT-R NISMO Special edition
  Skyline NISMO
  Formula E race car

Original merchandize  
Nissan and NISMO merchandise will be available, along with show-themed concept cars and Nissan 90th anniversary merchandise.

Special website
Today, Nissan’s dedicated Japan Mobility Show 2023 website opened, where concept car information will be published sequentially. The site also features visual representations of symbolic users for the concept vehicles to more deeply convey lifestyle and use.

Music video YouTube livestream
In a new collaborative approach, a special music video will be streamed live on the Nissan YouTube channel from October 2 to October 25. Six artists active in Japan and overseas were selected to use AI to help them create music based on the theme, "AI enhancing creativity possibilities”. The music and the scenery will be streamed twenty-four hours a day. A new concept car will appear in this video each week when revealed.

Press conference online
Information on and links to the October 25 press conference livestream will be available on Nissan's social media accounts and directly on YouTube.


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