As part of its commitment to the communities where Nissan does business in Mexico, the company supports several educational projects. With a year-long pandemic, Nissan also is helping where it can on health-related contributions, including the donation of 10,000 face masks through the Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Toluca, NISTEC, headquarters, as well as the donation of 30,000 other health-related products. When an opportunity arose to meet a specific educational need in the midst of the pandemic, Nissan also stepped up.

Grade school teacher Nallely Esparza Flores, who works in Calvillo, Aguascalientes, was traveling from house to house in her old truck to ensure students did not miss educational instruction. She taught in the truck’s bed which held a small table and chairs. While trading in the classroom experience for a remote computer screen has its challenges, not even having that option presents an even bigger challenge. Most of Flores’ 30 students either don’t have computers or have limited internet access. But Flores was committed to bringing the classroom directly to her students, always following the necessary COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

“When we found out about the teaching outreach Flores was doing, we wanted to help,” said Armando Avila, manufacturing vice president, Nissan Mexicana. “We decided the best way to help was by delivering a new Nissan NP300 pickup truck modified to work as a mobile classroom.”

The truck bed of the modified NP300 is accessible by retractable stairs that lead to a work area enclosed on three sides. A curtain on the fourth side offers protection from the elements when needed. Desk/workspace and benches have acrylic surfaces which are easy to clean, and acrylic dividers maintain separation between instructor and students for COVID-19 concerns. There’s also space to store classroom material and teaching aids. And the overall teaching space is light and cheery, thanks to a translucent rooftop that admits filtered light.

Flores had been driving four hours a day to visit her students, but her new wheels have helped reduce travel time, and instruction is more comfortable and productive with the new set-up.

“I’m very grateful to Nissan Mexicana,” said Flores. “I didn’t expect this surprise and, even more, that this pickup would be adapted as a mobile classroom. My students will no longer take classes in full sunlight.”

Joan Busquets, manufacturing vice president in transition of Nissan Mexicana, added, “We are very excited for this delivery to help Nallely continue teaching her students safely and comfortably. She’s making a difference and deserves the best!”

The specially outfitted NP300 donation was made possible by Nissan with the support of Carlos Escoto, the general director of the National Association of Nissan Automobile Dealers in Mexico, who assisted with equipment and teaching materials.

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