1. It protects the whole family

The New Nissan Terra cares about everyone in the family, therefore it comes with the Nissan 360° Safety Shield, intelligent safety features that encircle the car. It includes pre-incident prevention to reduce the severity of unforeseen events. A common example may be while you’re driving get distracted by your thoughts, or having a fun conversation with the family, then an unexpected event occurs, such as the car in front brakes suddenly. Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (IFCW) technology can detect the movement of up to two vehicles ahead. When the car in front brakes suddenly the vehicle will sound with an alarm, helping to reduce frontal collisions. It works with Intelligent Emergency Braking (IEB) technology that automatically brakes before a collision to protect you and your family on every journey

Or imagine you are backing out from a busy car park after a shopping trip, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) technology laser sensors will detect an approaching vehicle from any side. And will alert the driver with an audible warning and flashes an indicator on the door mirror on the same side as the approaching vehicle, making reversing easy and confident. 

2. It keeps your children entertained

When going on a long ride, and the children start to feel less excited of the view outside, let them choose their favourite cartoons via Smart TV Stick
so they can watch Netflix, YouTube, Disney or playing games on the 11-inch monitor. And the driver doesn’t have to turn around to adjust the screen or channel for them, which can be unsafe and take time.

In addition, the screens or music will be brought to life with best-in-class BOSE Premium Audio System with 8 surrounding speakers. And to make the family feel they are in their own moving movie theatre, the New Nissan Terra also comes with best-in-class sound dampening acoustic glass for the windshield and two front windows, so that road noise is kept out and your favorite entertainment is kept in!


3. It provides an easy and comfortable journey

If you're considering a New Nissan Terra, one of the main aspects to keep in mind is that it's a spacious SUV, designed to drive many passengers comfortably and with ease. Whether it’s a long drive upcountry or a quick visit to the mall.

First when you need to load up the car, the auto liftgate, a system that opens and closes the trunk automatically by placing your foot in the centre of the bumper, is super helpful when your hands are full with baby bags, golf sets or camping gear.

Then the Theater-style rear seating ensures passengers on the second row can get a clear view of the road outside which helps to reduce dizziness or carsickness. While the second-row seat comes with Auto Tumble Seat function in the center console that automatically folds the seats by simply pressing the One-Touch Remote Fold & Tumble button. This offers ease to the driver and the third-row passengers, especially older parents, or kids, so they can exit easily without having to fold it themselves, and it gives second-row passengers more space.  Also the second and third row seats can be folded flat to fit more, or even make a camping bed!

Helping the driver’s ease is the Intelligent Rearview Mirror. Even if the car is fully loaded with seven people or many suitcases, the technology gives an unobstructed outside view with its high-definition camera on the rear glass.

4. Go anywhere with confidence

If you love to take your family on outdoor adventures, whether camping, mountain climbing or wading through scenic areas, the New Nissan Terra is the right vehicle for your journey.  With a 2.3-liter twin turbo engine mounted on Nissan's famous fully-boxed frame chassis Terra is strong, and dynamic enough to handle anything your family plans.

For example, you go on a trip to the east coast of Thailand, including smaller and winding roads. Terra will give you a smooth trip with the outstanding 5-Link rear suspension with coil springs, that gives good handling, and a new brake system for smooth trips and braking on any incline. Furthermore, the new Terra’s frame reduces body rolling, ideal for going through curving roads or to help reduce motion sickness.  

Or head to the mountains with confidence as Terra’s Off-road Around View Monitor has four cameras that work automatically in 4LO mode. So, if going to a steep camping ground in the hills, you can have a clear view of surrounding terrain, avoid any obstacles and see exactly where to place your front wheels for a clear path ahead. Meaning, your imagination is the only thing to guide your next family trip!


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