BANGKOK, Thailand (April 26, 2021) – Thailand’s favorite car segment by sheer numbers is the Pickup truck. It’s iconic, heavy duty and able to carry a huge amount anything owners want. But since its origins in Thailand in the 1960s, the Pickup truck has come a long way.  But some common errors seem to remain in public opinions. So Nissan in Thailand, creators of the famous Nissan Navara, is taking on the three most common pickup truck misconceptions and busting the myths for you!

Misconception 1 – Forget aesthetics, pickups are just functional.

Many people believe that pickups are not as comfortable as sedans, or as stylish as SUVs. However, nowadays, pickups have been developed to have the same comfort as passenger cars, and some models come with even more technology and safety features. Therefore, before deciding to buy a pickup or any car, you should do a test drive to compare and see whether you can fully utilize all the functions that come with the car at a higher price.

Nissan focuses on choosing the right technology and driving performance that can practically meet the needs of the customers. For examples, Noise-reducing acoustic glass with front mirror and side mirrors at the front seat, with noise-cancellation technology from the outside so the driver and passenger can feel more relaxed and enjoy the entire journey. Zero Gravity front seats that let you adjust freely with the rear seats that are even more comfortable. For added convenience, passengers in the back can also now utilize the new rear armrest with built-in cup holders. In addition, Thai customers also use pickups for traveling and business, and the technology that makes using the pickup more easy is NissanConnect that supports smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto* and Voice Recognition system.

Misconception 2 – Pickups aren’t Safe

Some consumers perceive that pickups are not as safe as smaller cars. Actually, the fact is pickup trucks are safer than ever before. The advantage is to choose the right model with the best safety options. Nissan’s example is the New Nissan Navara that comes with a suite of advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies, to give superior levels of safety.

Just a few examples are Intelligent Forward Collision Warning that monitors two vehicles ahead, to and the one directly in front - reducing multi-car accident risk; Intelligent Emergency Braking system, designed to automatically brake to not only avoid collisions, but also and to protect against whiplash; Intelligent Around View Monitor (Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection) utilizes four mounted cameras to assist you to see all obstacles surrounding the vehicle and 7 airbags.

Misconception 3 – Pickups are not for City Driving

While pickups used to be driven primarily on work sites, current models are built with the everyday driver in mind, providing more ease of handling and innovative driver-assist technologies whether you are in the city or up-country. A good example that allows the New Navara to be a popular city car is Intelligent Around View Monitor technology that means parking, city drives, or reversing through smaller streets or places are easy for all drivers – including women or young people - as they can use the monitor to expertly guide them with no blind spots. 

Or if you’re driving on long stretches of highway or in busy traffic, Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention Technology helps driver detect vehicles in the blind spot when changing lanes, like a pro. So the tale that pickups are hard to drive in the city, is just that – a tale.

To prove it, try the New Nissan Navara today and see if you can bust some more myths about pickups and show they really are the best multi-use vehicles. 

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