BANGKOK, Thailand (June 11, 2021) – Earlier in 2021 when the number of Nissan’s ‘e-POWER’ vehicles sold surpassed the 500,000 mark, the technology started getting world-wide attention. But the country with the most sales, is Nissan’s birthplace – Japan. We uncover the top six reasons why Japanese people are choosing e-POWER vehicles, and why Thai people should try the Nissan Kicks e-POWER to experience and see the unique benefits of this award-winning technology.

1.   100% electric motor

In the e-POWER system the cars are 100% powered by an electric motor, like an EV. Then it uses a highly efficient gasoline engine to generate electricity for the motor power. For customers, this uniquely delivers EV-like excitement, quietness, smooth acceleration. But with the confidence and convenience that comes with a fuel tank.

2.   5 Japanese Awards

e-POWER as a technology has won five national awards in Japan, and in already received four awards in Thailand. For its contributions to reducing CO2 emissions, e-POWER even earned a prestigious Japanese environmental award from the Energy Conservation Center Japan (ECCJ).

3.   #1 Japan’s best-selling car at launch

When e-POWER first debuted in Japan, in Nissan Note e-POWER, the car quickly claimed Japan’s best-selling car in 2018*.

4.   0 external charging

Imagine being able to have the quietness and smooth acceleration of an EV, but with the confidence and convenience not needing to charge or have a charging station. E-POWER gives this to consumers, making it popular in Japan. This is great for people who like EVs but don’t have a charger at home, like many in Tokyo apartments.

5.   500,000+ e-POWER Vehicles sold in Japan

If you lined up the 500,000 e-POWER vehicles sold to date, they would make a line all the way from Tokyo to Taipei[1]!  Or a similar distance if you walked from Bangkok to Manila![2] That is a lot of car-love.

6.   70% Less brake pedal usage, with One-Pedal

Being able to reduce braking in traffic is very helpful for Japanese drivers. In fact, the Kicks e-POWER’s One-Pedal Technology allows you to accelerate and decelerate your car, using only the accelerator pedal. This innovative has been proven to reduce the amount of times you need to brake by 70%. When the car is decelerating, regenerative braking can also charge the battery pack, further enhancing efficiency and lowering emissions.

Testimonials from Japanese e-POWER Owners:


“Very nice that it is so quiet.”

One - Pedal

“I think it’s fun to drive with the one-pedal”


“I experience smooth acceleration, with only a slight press on the pedal.”

By showcasing the six reasons why Japan loves e-POWER, Nissan invites Thai consumers to try this exciting new technology for themselves. And  experience the thrill of smoother, more efficient performance that speeds Thailand towards an environmentally friendly, electrified future.


* Note sales include standard Note and Note e-POWER, with e-POWER model representing approximately 70% of sales.




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