1st privileges: Special Offer options (1)

  • Starting Down Payment 23,900 baht (2) with Free 1st class insurance “Nissan Premium Protection" 1 year
  • Free Drive 90 days (3)


  • Starting installment at 5,999 Baht (20% down payment, 84 months)
  • Free 1st class insurance “Nissan Premium Protection" 1 year
  • Free Drive 90 days (3)

2nd privileges:

  • Free labor fee 5 years or 100,000 km.

(1) Special offers only available through Nissan Leasing (Thailand).

Eligible customers must qualify the qualifications and approval criteria subject to Nissan Leasing (Thailand) consideration.

(2) calculated from S/Cab SL price 575,000 Baht, down payment 15%, Nissan support down payment 62,350 baht.

(3) Free Drive 90 days is available on purchase of a new Nissan vehicle with payment term up to 72 months. For Eligible customers with booking and contract made within Jan-Feb’22 with the first installment starting 90 days after contract.

Nissan’s Customer Loyalty Program*

  • Free periodic maintenance (SAVE SAFE) Gold package 3 years or 60,000 km except KICKS e-POWER
  • 10,000 baht Additional Discount   for KICKS e-POWER

(1) For Nissan’s owner and family members (parents, spouses, siblings and children) Except for Terra 20MY, Leaf and GT-R


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From 1 July 2020 onwards, the company has changed the insurance company that joined the new Nissan Premium Protection (NPP) program, which the insurance company participating in the project is

1. ThaiSri Insurance Public Company Limited
2. Navakij Insurance Public Company Limited
3. Sompo Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
4. Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited
5. Southeast Insurance Public Company Limited